When you’re traveling without money, you have to rely on people. There are tons of them. On the internet. The good news: people on the internet also exist in real life.

Basically you can travel around for months in a row by just couchsurfing and hitchhiking. At the bottom of this website you can find people who already did this for over a year.

Connecting with people is very easy. You get an account at and you create your profile. You find other CouchSurfers in the region you want to go and you contact them. Not long thereafter you’ll receive a message telling you you’re welcome. Don’t just freeload, try to be of service to your host.

Then you start hitchhiking. A marker pen and some cardboard, and you’re set to go. Again, a fairly easy concept: you put your thumb up in the air. Because there are more cars produced every year (to keep the economy growing) that means there are more and more cars with less and less people in them. Yes, you can hitchhike with your whole family these days! Sometimes your driver will turn out to be a very hospitable host and even let you stay in their house and provide you with food and shelter, in exchange to entertain them with your travel stories.

The infinite loop
Sooner or later you’ll get transport to your couch surfing location. And here the Universe again surprises with its simplicity. Because you found your host via the internet, the host obviously has an internet connection, so you can look for your next host.

Host Me
If you have a website or blog, you can set up a special menu that promotes your trip and invites people to let you stay with them. An example is Julez Edward’s Host Me page.

And that’s it. Your ready to go! The first three stops might be a bit tricky, but you’ll catch the vibe sooner or later.

And then there’s food. Where to get it and how to get it for free?