To travel with this unique, cheap, original and challenging method there is only one requirement.


Besides that there are some you might to keep in mind.

  • You love yourself as much as you love nature and the people around you. At times you might get lonely, and it’s very important that you know how to be nice company to yourself.
  • You realize food’s primary function is to provide the body with useful nutrients, the taste comes second. There will be times you might have to dig into dumpsters of supermarkets, or find food along the road. These ‘bad times’ will only make you appreciate the ‘good times’ even more.
  • You are as addiction-free as possible. In order to live our current disconnected-from-nature-lives we rely on all kinds of addictions to thrive through the day. Addictions are not only drugs like tobacco, alcohol, but also the sugar in most soft drinks, tv, games, internet, porn, salty or sweet food, or specific habits of visiting specific family members every Sunday for example. Try to get rid of as many as those addictions before you take off.
Okay, the next pages will be for both trippers with and without money.