The reasons why people might want to just keep world tripping forever without money can be plenty.
If you can’t find any excuse to start World Tripping Forever, here’s a handy list:
  • Endless freedom. You have the freedom to do what you want and don’t want. The Universe will always respond in kind.
  • Close to nature. Because you can’t control your situation anymore, your connection with the Universe is further deepened, as you and the Universe will have to work together more intensively than before.
  • No More Rat Race. The Western Civilization has reached its point of saturation. The point of no-return. Together with the Global Economy, it is destined to collapse sooner than later. Why continue investing energy into something already dead.
  • The best school for kids. Who said this is nothing for kids? It is by farthe best school kids can dream of. They see the world, instead of being thought about it. They learn to play with kids of all kinds of cultures.
  • Variety. You will not get bored for two reasons. First you don’t know when you’re going to be where. Second you don’t don’t know if and how you’re going to get somewhere. The day this trip bores you, we give you your money back!

Traveling is one of the best ways to acquire more wisdom. You make new friends, you get in touch with different cultures, … it’s hard to find an argument against doing a world trip.

Let’s sum up the advantages and the disadvantages of doing a world trip forever without money!

Here’s a quick-list of advantages of a moneyless way of worldtripping.

  • No worries. You can completely let go of your worries about the (financial) future. Live every day like it is your last, and be grateful for every new one you were given.
  • Safe. How strange it might sound, you’re much better of by traveling with locals who are familiar with the local do’s and don’t’s, than by traveling alone with some kind of expensive world trip formula.
  • Healthy. The food the locals serve you often contains certain essential vitamins, which your body needs for the specific region you are traveling (e.g.: for protection against local diseases or insect bites). If you currently overweight, chances are you are going to be back the old one after a few weeks!
  • Nice company. While it’s almost not done in the current Western society, you must learn to trust and to rely on other people. In return, people will rely on you for certain things too.
  • Relaxed. When the worries are gone, and you have no appointments or schedules to follow anymore, you can fully enjoy the moment and live completely in the now. You have time to forgive the past, enjoy the present and dream your desired future. You can do that. Anyone can do that.
  • Cheap. Since you were looking for the cheapest products when you still had money, you can now tell your friends and family that you’ve successfully found the cheapest way of traveling.
  • Surprising. As opposed to a routine life, this way of traveling offers nice (and less nice) surprises in a way that it will literally keep you forever young.

Let’s sum up the down turns of this way of World Tripping Forever. This is actually the list of excuses. Nevertheless, some might be valid reasons not to engage in a World Trip Forever.

  • Health risk. People with chronic diseases or who need chronic treatment in order to survive. People will never let you just die, since a mere 99,99% of the people on this blue dot are compassionate beings. Most illnesses can be healed with alternative methods, and by believing your illness is not as bad as you actually believe it is. Your favorite search-engine will gladly help you find a solution.
  • Children. Of course you feel responsible for your kids, and seeing your kids hungry is one of any parents nightmares. However, carrying children with you is actually a proven door opener, ice-breaker and conversation starter. 99,99% of the compassionate population on Earth love kids (except Priests).
  • Homesickness. Ahh, the family and friends. You would miss your family too much. Skype and other free programs on the internet offer you a very moneyless way of connecting with your homelands these days.
  • Legal. People bend the law all of the time all over the world. Although this website doesn’t want to encourage illegal activities, it is important to realize that compassion often bypasses the law. Laws and borders are human abstractions to limit freedom. They aren’t real. At least not as real as love. (And that’s scientifically proven!)
  • Herd control. Humans are herd animals. Whether you like it or not, somehow somewhere you are member of a herd too. The peers in that herd might be your parents, your best friends and they might judge you for traveling World Trip Forever style. It’s up to you if you can understand and be aware of the concerns of the peers in your herd, while still listening to what your heart tells you to do.
  • Language barriers. Not speaking a language today, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t understand it or cannot speak it by tomorrow. The famous “I’m not good in languages” excuse is just another way of saying you don’t want to spend the effort. On top of that learning languages in boring classes from non-native teachers is something totally different than learning it by being dropped in the culture.

Basically all the excuses can be summarized in one sentence:


Let’s check some important requirements next!