Below you can read stories of people who are already traveling. Feel free to add your story!

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  • Paulo Bessa

    I travelled many times on a very low budget. Like under 10 euros a day in southeast Asia or even less in European countries.

    In western world: I take a low cost flight and hitchhiking. Couchsurfing. Going with the flow and finding people. If necessary, buying food in supermarkets. And doing wild camping where allowed. Most importantly: travel with a light backpack and good rainwear. Woofing is also a great option.

    In third world countries: I book a flight. And that´s where I spend the bulk of my money. I never buy travel insurance. I travel and eat with the very cheap buses and street stalls where local people travel and eat, unlike most tourists. Learn a bit the local language and you will go a long way, many locals are generous and offer you accomodation for free. In my backpack I basically have just a couple of quick-drying clothes and nothing else. Travel light! Do volunteering too.

    Rules: be openminded, be patient, be kind.

  • Marc

    WTF!? That’ a cool website! ;)

    I’ve been traveling across Asia overland, tried hitchhiking, traveling by motorbike which I bought in Vietnam and sold near Cambodia and by bicycle all the way from Kula Lumpur to Bali in Indonesia.

    This time I am maybe leaving forever, who knows ? Starting in Mexico.

    I try to catch beauty along the way, check it out :

  • akilinaskovil

    domestic slave to hitching and hostel volunteering-no money!

  • Oskari

    Great website Julez! Really inspired me to travel with minimal expenses. Now doing hitchhiking and some moneyless traveling in Europe. Unfortunately written in Finnish. Maybe I will add some English contect along the way.
    Take care! May the light be your companion on your travels.

  • Benjamin and Raphael

    Great Julez! So happy to see you on board!
    For any human being tyhinking about doing the same, check, a journey without money from Holland to Mexico!
    love and light for everyone!

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